Primary Recycled Plastics

Garyline has been a primary recycler of plastics for more than 50 years. We produce post-industrial "home" regrind on our premises which is the guideline for producing food-compliant houseware products. The percent of recycled content is listed on each product page.

We are broadening our use of "Home" Recycled content in our HDPE sports bottles.  Rather than saving the materials and custom mixing to include a high percentage recycled content in a few selected colors, we are now including 40% "home" recycled content in all colors. for items WB16, WB20, WB28 and WB32.  Lids are not molded with recycled material.

Post-industrial, "Home" Recycled Polypropylene is included at 30% for selected colors specified on each product page.  Products made from polypropylene include flyers, auto mugs and stadium cups.  Availability of recycled content is limited and cannot be always offered on large orders - call factory for availability.

Post-industrial, "Home" Recycled Polystyrene is included at 95% for selected colors specified on each product page.  It is not 100% because  non-recycled colorants are added at 2-5%.  Products made from polystyrene include rulers, clips & clipboards, ice scrapers.

It is Good for the Environment and it helps us improve our efficiency, so we can remain cost-competitive in a Global Market.


Post Consumer Recycled Products

Single-use beverage and food containers are recliamed from local Recycling Centers. The containers are sorted by material type and color, sanitized to remove impurities and repelletized into Food-Compliant HDPE and PETE. 

WB21R is molded with 95% post-consumer recycled HDPE in all colors for stock. Post-consumer recycled material is available on WB16, WB20, WB28 and WB32 for orders over 5,000 units on special order.

Post-consumer recycled PETE is not used for stock, but is available on items TB18, TB27, TB28 and TB32 for orders over 5,000 units on special order.

Tritan bottles are not molded from recycled content and are not considered recyclable by most community recycling facilities.


Personal Refillables

Reusable products that Replace Disposable Products are Eco-Friendly.

Three Easy Ways to Help the Environment are:

• Refill a Reusable Sports Bottle with inexpensive tap water
• Get your morning coffee in a Reusable Auto Mug
Bring Reusable Bags to the grocery store

It's Good for the Environment and a Great way to Save Money.

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